Azerbajain Project Completed

by Gulf Synthetics

Sergey Imnadze with Sinta, Ltd has announced the final completion of the sheet pile installation in Azerbajain.  This is the first FRP composite system installed in this part of the world. 

The developers wanted an environmentally friendly seawall with a product that will not rust, rot, or corrode.  The development will include waterfront homes  that start at $1,000,000 and the need for a product that will have a long service life was necessary.  The wall is constructed to hold back 6 meters of soil.  Traditional construction methods would have required steel sheet pile. The new technology of a stronger compostie sheet pile developed by Gulf Synthetcis allowed them to use our synthetic system.  Construction will begin on several more developments in the region using the PURLoc™ and Pearson Piling systems.




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