2010 National Deck Expo

by chuckm

New Composite Coating Products for Wood and Concrete Debut at Remodeling/DeckExpo, September 15-17, in Baltimore, MD.

Deck <a href=Suwanee, Georgia – Gulf Synthetics is introducing their innovative resurfacing products to construction industry professionals at the DeckExpo/Remodeling Show in  Baltimore, September 15-17, 2010.

This is the debut, so to speak, of new composite coating products.  The company selected the DeckExpo/Remodeling Show to introduce their coatings because the attendees are professionals who recognize a superior commercial product when they see it.  ”What better venue to showcase what’s really new in decking and the maintaining of outdoor living spaces?” asks Mitch Wood, company president.

“We are creating awareness that Gulf Synthetics offers brilliant new options to old maintenance problems, for exterior wood and concrete surfaces.  In this ‘repair now, replace later’ economy, resurfacing truly is the best option — for both the consumer and the contractor.

The company reports that when you resurface with their composite coatings you are:

  • saving the customer money over the cost of demo and replacement
  • providing options that repair and transform wood and concrete surfaces, filling cracks, covering stains, creating a slip-resistant surface, and offering endless color choices;
  • making an earth friendly decision — keeping old deck and dock boards, concrete,  and marine piles out of landfills, while extending the service life of existing structures indefinitely.

According to Mr. Wood,  “For the contractor, resurfacing is a wise business decision.  Sure, contractors would enjoy having deck and dock replacement jobs, installing new patios, walkways and pool decks.  But, this economy just isn’t offering that. With our composite coatings, customers get what they need and contractors and dealers can add a new service or product line to an existing business.”


The Gulf Synthetics message is:  RETHINK. RESURFACE. REVIVE.   “When you rethink old ways of addressing recurring maintenance problems, and resurface with our composite coatings, you’ll revive your customer’s outdoor living spaces and your business,” says Wood.

You can actually apply the coatings, get exclusive show discounts and register for daily product giveaways when you visit Gulf Synthetics at booth #6435.

Gulf Synthetics manufactures UDF-21 for wood, UCF-30 for concrete, 21POLYPLUS for marine piles and Polymatrx for paint.  All products are made from U.S. raw materials and are U.S. manufactured.

The company began as a supplier of composite sheet pile for the seawall construction industry and as a supplier of marine coatings for dock and pier piles in saltwater applications.  The coatings division was formed when the marine piling product was reformulated for deck and dock resurfacing.

The company serves clients in the U.S., Russia, Europe, South America, Australia and Asia.  Domestic clients include the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Department of Environmental Conservation.



B. K. Gaylord, Marketing Director

Gulf Synthetics LLC



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