Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together this FAQ page because of the numerous questions that we get from our customers. These responses also include some good tips and suggestions to help you with a successful installation of our coatings system. You can also download any of our installation instructions by product.

Why do we recommend Gloss Paint?

We highly recommend that you choose a Gloss sheen when mixing with DeckRevive and ConcreteRevive for this simple reason, Gloss is more cleanable. The final sheen ends up to be closer to a Satin/Semi-Gloss.

How is your product different from a stain or paint?

Horizontal wood surfaces are typically the most difficult to coat and that is why there are numerous products on the market. Stains and sealers are designed to penetrate into the wood and are not designed to provide a new surface. DeckRevive and DockRevive are designed with a special polymer to be absorbed into the wood like a stain and sealer, but also to provide you with a safe, skid resistant new surface. Most products fail because they are unable to provide proper penetration into the wood fibers and because they have a low Perm Rating. Our Perm Rating is over 19, which has a higher permeability rating than Stucco.

Why should I resurface?

The cost to completely replace existing deck or dock boards with brand new decking boards can range from $6-$10 per square foot for labor and material. If you choose composite decking, costs could range from $15-$50 per Square Foot. DeckRevive and DockRevive is very cost effective coatings solution comparative to the aforementioned with many more benefits. Not to mention saving landfills from treated lumber.

What colors are available?

All you need to do is add 1 Gallon of exterior acrylic latex paint (DeckRevive, ConcreteRevive) or a Solid color acrylic latex stain (DockRevive) to our kit. The color choice is almost unlimited.

Are the colors exact or does the mix alter the color?

The colors are true and would be very difficult to see the difference since it is a non-skid; the color may seem a little different due to the coatings profile.

Do I need the aggregate in the product?

Yes, all the mix components are designed to work in tandem with each other. The special formulated polymer and dry mix need to be activated together in order to work. Think of it as rebar in cement.

Does DeckRevive or DockRevive come in a clear so that I can see the wood grain of the wood?

No, you will need an exterior acrylic latex paint (DeckRevive, ConcreteRevive) or a Solid color acrylic latex stain (DockRevive) in order for the product to look right. The special polymer primer dries clear but the dry mix and polymer resin will not look good if you do not add a paint or stain. Most older deck boards are beyond their life for a stain application and that is why resurfacing with a solid color is the perfect choice. Your deck boards will look similar to a new composite deck when finished.

What about the nails and screws?

We recommend that you fill any nail, screw holes, knot holes or 1/8” or wider cracks with our new PermaFill to allow yourself a cosmetically smooth surface. This type isn’t absolutely necessary, but an option. Older nails tend to leach rust.  We suggest you talk to your paint store what rust inhibitive primer would best suit this problem. Our acrylic formula DOES NOT prevent the nail from rusting through our coating.

What kind of preparation is needed?

Please read through our front page of our instruction sheet thoroughly. We simply recommend a good pressure washing and remove any loose materials from your wood surface. Some old paints are difficult to completely remove. In some cases you may want to use an orbital sander to remove peeling areas that are of concern. (PermaBond Primer is recommended on all pre-painted, pre-stained surfaces or where the boards are cracked and weathered) DeckRevive is water-based so any previous stain or sealers that were oil based need to be sanded down to create a profile before applying our coating. If a paint remover is used, all strippers need to be thoroughly removed and power washed and completely dried. All the paint remover chemicals need to be removed. In these cases, we suggest 48 hours dry time after power washing. Make sure the deck after applying our coating is not rained on freeze within 24 hours so the coating can completely cure.

How do I mix the product?

 DeckRevive, DockRevive and ConcreteRevive come conveniently packaged with instruction sheets to make mixing as simple as possible. Once you open the kit (Pail), you will notice an instruction sheet; pull it out read through the instructions thoroughly. Remove all contents, pour the 1 gallon of resin into the bucket, and pour the exterior acrylic latex (recommended S/G or Gloss) into the bucket, drill mix with a paint mixer that you attach to your drill (Electric drill works best). Do not use a grout mixer to mix any of our products.After mixing for 2 minutes slowly add each bag of dry material from the bags into the liquid, drill mix for 5 minutes. Let mixture sit for 5 minutes and then remix for 5 minutes. The product is ready to use. We recommend applying the product in 24 hours, but has a shelf life of 14-21 days, depending on temperature. Always drill mix if product sits for more than 4 days. Keep stored out of sun light and in a cool area.

Can I spray your products with a paint sprayer?

You can spray PermaBond because it is thin; however we recommend a brush and roll application for the DeckRevive, DockRevive and ConcreteRevive due to the aggregate and heavy viscosity.  When you roll out the product you are more able to force the product into the cracks which will allow the wood to absorb the product for a better bond.  This will prevent you from achieving only a surface bond which will have a shorter life span.

When do I use the PermaBond Primer?

We recommend using the PermaBond on all applications when using our coating systems.  The PermaBond is already included in the DockRevive product.  PermaBond needs to be used with all wood that is weathered or has previous coatings.  We recommend that any existing coating be removed as best as possible.  Our bond will only be as good as what is underneath it.

How long does it take between recoats of PermaBond, DeckRevive, DockRevive and ConcreteRevive?

You can recoat any coated surface within thirty to forty-five minutes as long as the surface is dry to the touch. This applies to normal weather conditions – material will dry quicker in hotter temperatures and longer in cooler temperatures.

How do I apply the DeckRevive, DockRevive and ConcreteRevive product?

Brush and Roll applied. Use a ¾” nap roller cover, sturdy roller handle and frame so it’s easier to press the first coat into any cracks in the boards. The first coat should be applied against the grain of the boards’ width to work the coating into the cracks, while smoothing out any heavy spots to prevent lap marks. 2nd coat applies going with the grain and board length. A 3/8” nap is recommended while applying ConcreteRevive. Some boards require a 3rd coat based on the width of some cracks or when PermaFill is not applied.

When can I use my deck?

DeckRevive, DockRevive and ConcreteRevive as well as PermaBond and PermaFill dry fairly quickly, so you can walk on it within 4 hours. We recommend at least a 24 hour cure time before moving furniture on to it or allowing heavy traffic.

What is the best way to mix the dry chemistry?

Slowly add dry chemistry while mixing briskly with drill and paint mixer (recommended Electric Drill) for 5 minutes. (DO NOT USE A CEMENT MIXER).

When Should I use PermaBond Primer?

PermaBond Primer is required over pre-painted, pre-stained, redwood, cedar and extremely cracked or weathered deck boards when applying DeckRevive or on pre-painted, pre-stainened concrete when applying ConcreteRevive.  As an option, PermaBond can be colored by adding 1 quart of exterior latex paint to a gallon of PermaBond.

What life expectancy will I see?

With proper preparation and application we are seeing 5-7 years initially. We recommend using PermaBond before your first application to maximize the life of the coating. If the surface gets heavy traffic or scratched from metal chairs, etc… a service coat could be applied, which would cover twice the square footage (400 square feet) for a full kit.

Other Benefits?

Gulf Synthetics is American Made and American Owned. DeckRevive is safe for the environment and will actually lock in any harmful chemicals that are in the pressure treated wood.