NOTE: You must use PermaBond as a primer coat and is purchased separately. 

Deck Revive Full Kit Coverage: Depending on the condition of the wood and the application technique, two coats will cover approximately 200 square feet.

DeckRevive is a one-of-a-kind polymer coating that resurfaces and restores aging wood decks, walkways, steps and more, allowing you to enjoy your existing structure for years! Just add one gallon of gloss exterior acrylic latex paint of any color and roll on with everyday paint tools.

  • locks down splinters
  • fills in cracks
  • slip resistant
  • environmentally friendly

Deck Revive is a DIY acrylic based polymer deck coating that resurfaces old decks, docks and other treated lumber — in ANY color you choose.  Deck Revive repairs and protects wood structures from the constant expansion and contraction cycle that destroys wood.

Traditional deck stains, deck paints and deck sealers just put new color on old splinters, cracks and nailheads  and have to be re-applied annually.  Deck Revive actually fills in cracks and knots,  locks down splinters and nailheads,  and provides a new slip-resistant textured surface that lasts for years.

Our Deck Revive coating will give you a new durable, scuff, stain and fire-resistant surface that requires zero to little maintenance.  So easy to apply with everyday paintbrushes and rollers and tools clean up with water.  Dries quickly for minimal time-out-of-service.  Can be applied in the morning and enjoyed that evening.

Your Deck Revive kit contains a liquid component and a dry component.   To these, you add one gallon of ANY color of exterior latex paint.  Color choice is unlimited – you can have any color your paint store can mix up!

Deck Revive is the environmentally friendly choice.  It is water-based, VOC-free and non-toxic.  When you refurbish existing wood structures with Deck Revive, you prolong their service life and keep them out of landfills.

Save thousands over the cost of replacement or annual  deck stain and deck seal maintenance when you choose Deck Revive.  You’ll also save time — so you can spend more of it enjoying your outdoor living spaces, not maintaining them!

So take your shoes off and start enjoying your old deck with our revolutionary resurfacing coating. Your family, friends, and kids can run around splinter free for years to come.

Gulf Synthetics Performance Testing

Deck Revive Demo/Application Video

If I purchase the Deck Revive Kit and I will need 2 because my wood deck is about 400 Sq Ft.
After I put this product on my wood deck & wood deck stairs how man years will it last until it needs to be done again.
( Harold, 11/04/2017 )
From 3-5 years is normal before a touchup is needed.
What is the difference between acrylic latex and just acrylic exterior paint? Can I use acrylic paint? Is gloss unique to this type of paint or should I be selecting semi-gloss or high-gloss? My local hardware store carries Sherwin Williams (colors match my home) but only in acrylic (no latex) and in either semi or high gloss. Thanks in advance for your help. ( Jeremy Looney, 09/04/2017 )

All water based acrylic paints will fall under the latex umbrella. For example, the SW Acrylic High Gloss would be good since it is a gloss and an acrylic water based paint.

I have a deck which is composed of some kind of composite material. I have had continuing problems with the deck over the past 10 years. The material continues to deteriorate. This has occurred at the edge of the material. The builder admitted that the material was faulty from the beginning and found out that if the material was not removed and replaced you would have to scrape away the deteriorated areas, seal it and paint it. This has been done 4 times. What I want to know is can I cover the painted deck with your Perma Bond and then cover that surface with Deck Revive? Your product sounds absolutely wonderful, however I wonder if it will work for me in the above described instance. Would appreciate your response. Thank you. ( Mitchell Gordon, 31/03/2017 )
Unfortunately, it is not designed for composites but wood. It is possible that it may work just fine, but we do not have the history to say yes and therefore cannot guarantee it.
The only exterior gloss sheen acrylic paint I can find in local hardware stores is called "direct to metal". Can I use semi-gloss, or will the "direct to metal" paint work? If direct to metal will not work and semi-gloss will not work, is there a recommended brand of paint that comes in gloss acrylic exterior. ( Mark Abell, 25/03/2017 )
It needs to be a gloss exterior acrylic latex paint. They have this at Home Depot, Menards or Lowes. Does not matter on the brand. The semi-gloss will not work, not the direct to metal.
I used the permabond and mixed the deck revive. Unfortunately, the texture was more than I wanted. Can I apply a standard porch latex enamel over the permabond or do I need to sand the entire porch and start over? ( Kirk, 19/10/2016 )
You can apply a regular latex paint over the Permabond.
How long after pressure washing the surface can you start the process (i.e., apply the Perma Bond). ( Chip M., 26/09/2016 )
24-48 hours. Make sure the wood is completely dry.
When the kit is purchased for $240 does that include the Perma Fill , Perma Bond and Deck Revive or is it for Deck Revive only. I only need 65 sq ft of bench around the perimeter of my deck to be painted? ( Ann Koontz, 17/09/2016 )
The Permabond and Permafill are not included and purchased separately.
I see you use a 3/4" nap. How is the texture on the deck. That is, can you walk barefooted on the deck or will there be sharp points from using that nap size. ( Ken, 12/09/2016 )
It has a texture/grip, but not sharp to walk on.
Applied the Deck Revive, and now its looking like we might get unexpected rain. It will have dried 12-18 hrs after 2nd coat applied. Is there going to be an issue? Do I need to tarp the deck?
( Andrew White, 12/09/2016 )
It should be fine.
I just got the kit including the Perma-Fill, Perma-Bond, and the Deck Revive. I was wondering how long it takes for the Deck Revive to dry between coats. Thank you! ( Erica R, 09/09/2016 )
About 30-60 minutes in most weather conditions and temps.
I see where you would not have to add the dry chemical if you do not want a textured look. If you do use it, what kind of texture will it have. That is, I assume minor or else you could not walk barefooted on it. Is that correct ( Ken, 06/09/2016 )
The dry mix needs to be added when mixing components.
Is the Deck Revive Kit avail in Canada? If so, where can it be purchased in B.C. ( Terry MacLellan, 01/09/2016 )
It is not. We can ship to you from our website.
What is recommended to be used to apply the DeckRevive to the deck itself? (It does not appear that specific rollers or brushes are provided in the kits) ( Nicole, 30/08/2016 )
Use a 3/4" nap paint roller for the application.
So we are getting ready to do our deck ( I am excited!) Do I do the front, handrails and slats w the deck revive also? Or just the surface? I ( Amanda Scott, 18/08/2016 )
You can do all the wood with Deck Revive or just the Horizontals. The rest you would match with a solid color deck stain of the same color.
I applied permabond and two coats deck revive yesterday. Looks good! I do have and extra kit (evidently I over-ordered). Can a third coat be applied at some point? Maybe even in a year or two?
( Jim, 05/08/2016 )
Yes, but you will need to apply the Permabond again.
what if it rains before the second coat ? and how long is drying time ( douglas eichelberger, 20/07/2016 )
The second coat should go on within hours of the first coat, not days. Best to apply both on a day where there is no rain.
Is your product available in Canada. Please name retailers. Tks ( Denis, 12/07/2016 )
No dealers in Canada. We do ship direct to you via Purolator.
I have applied Behr Deckover to my deck, and it is peeling and is cracked in multiple spots. Can I apply this product over it? ( Pat, 10/07/2016 )
Sorry but you cannot fix the Behr Deck over but adding the Deck Revive on top. It will adhere to the Behr when using the Permabond, but if the Deckover continues to peel, it will be the Behr Deckover that is failing underneath, not the Deck Revive on top. In other words, you have to remove the Behr deckover as there is no easy fix for their issues of product failure.
Many of the high gloss exterior latex acrylic paints (Behr, for example) are called/labelled "enamal", even though they are 100% acrylic latex. I think this is generally to indicate the "hardness" of the finish. Can these acrylic latexes labeled as "enamal" be used with the DeckRevive and PermaBond products? ( Greg, 08/07/2016 )
As long as they are gloss acrylic latex, then yes.
What do you recommend to clean deck prior to finishing? Bleach and TSP? ( Mark Y., 06/07/2016 )
Just pressure washing to remove dirt, any old stain that is loose/peeling, etc. Chemicals are not needed.
Do you have a recommended brand of paint that works well to add to DeckRevive? ( Mark Y., 06/07/2016 )
Does not matter on brand. Has to be gloss acrylic latex.
I recently painted my deck using both the PermaBond & Deck revive products. Product looks great and very happy how my deck turned out so far!! I've noticed that falling leaves from area trees are leaving "stains" on the surface of the deck if they do not get removed quick enough. Question is how do I remove or clean the stained looking areas caused by leaves safely without damaging the paint(Deck revive)? Thank you in advance. ( Steve, 24/06/2016 )

Try white vinegar,  usually those are mineral deposits and the vinegar will remove them without any damage to the coating.    As time goes by and the product completely cures this shouldn’t be an issue.

We bought a home 3 years ago with a HUGE deck. The deck itself seemed to be ACQ, but we weren't sure what stain was used, so in 2013 we sanded off what we could (not much came off) and used Sikkens hybrid stain to cover our bases and have been doing so each summer since. Frankly, I'm exhausted! My question is can we use the Deck Revive over the Sikkens (and whatever is under it) or do I have to re sand/strip it off? ( Beth Wiener, 06/06/2016 )
You can ruse it over the Sikkens as long as you pressure wash for prep, making sure that all peeling stain is removed. You must use the Permabond first before using the Deck Revive.
can this be found in retail stores? ( Margaret A Lauer, 02/06/2016 )
For the most part it is only sold online. It is not sold in any national chains like Lowes, Home Depot or Menards.
Does the dry chemistry have to be put in? The reason I ask is that some of my customers do not want a textured look. ( Mike, 31/05/2016 )
Yes, it will not work effectively if not added.
I had a small, very light rain 12 hours after the second coat was completed. What can I do or what can I expect the result to be? ( Melissa McDougal, 26/05/2016 )
Most likley it is completely fine.
Does the glossy acrylic latex paint determine the color of the finished deck? ( Dan, 23/05/2016 )
Yes that is correct.
if I have any mixed deck revive left over will it keep or get hard on me ( james, 22/05/2016 )
It cannot be stored once mixed. It will harden.
took my deck all apart put bad side down sanded other side no stain or anything on it should I still use the perma bond.after mixing deck revive there may be some left over will it keep or not? ( james, 21/05/2016 )
Yes you have to use the Perma Bonda first.
I have a deck surface that has already had a good hard polymer paint applied that has lasted for many years. I want to use your product over top to fill a few holes and change color. Will it adhear and is PermaBond required? ( Dan, 21/05/2016 )
Yes it should work. Prep by cleaning and removing and peeling paint. You must use the Perma Bond first.
Can you use exterior FLAT paint instead of GLOSS ? ( Melissa W McDougal, 16/05/2016 )
No, it needs to be Acrylic Gloss paint.
Does any wood grain show at all after applying this product and can it be applied with a sprayer? ( Paul R., 14/05/2016 )
It cannot be applied with a sprayer. Needs to be rolled on. It will not show the wood grain.
Our deck is 12 x16. (192 Sq ft). Will one Deck Revive kit allow us 2 coats on our deck? (Or will it only cover a 200 Sq ft deck once? Do I need 2 kits?) ( Cheryl Lukasiewicz , 08/05/2016 )
One Full Kit covers 200 sq. feet for 2 coats.  You just need one kit.
What is in the kit, and is this a five gallon bucket? ( Kim, 07/05/2016 )
It comes with a plastic pail to mix you components in. Your Deck Revive kit contains a liquid component and a dry component.   To these, you add one gallon of ANY color of exterior latex paint. 
I also have old boards and several new boards that are replacements; however, I don't have a few months before my event to let the new boards season. If there is peeling or chipping on the new boards, how can that be repaired? ( Dorothy, 02/05/2016 )
They will just need to be washed and then touched up with another coat.
Does the Deck Revive kit include the perma Bond Primer? ( Stanley Okumura, 16/04/2016 )
No. You have to buy the PermaBond Separately. 
It says to use acrylic Gloss Paint... Does that give a gloss finish on the final product when it dries??? What if you use a satin or semi gloss finish paint will your product not unit with it? Thanks ( mark t, 14/04/2016 )
No it will not give a high gloss finish when done. More of a matte or satin. Need to use an acrylic Gloss paint when mixing with the Deck Revive for proper results.
Can you paint deck railing and lattice with the deck revive also? ( Lori Ashley, 12/04/2016 )
Yes it can be used on vertical areas as well.
What exactly comes in the Deck Revive Kit? And at what amount> ( Colleen, 27/03/2016 )

Each kit of DeckReviveTM is packaged in a five-gallon container for easy mixing. The kit contains two parts: (1) liquid resin and (2) dry chemistry. YOU ADD one gallon of exterior acrylic latex paint (any color of gloss). With two coats applied, the coverage will be approximately 200 square feet per kit depending on surface porosity and texture. 

I have old boards AND several new boards that replaced very damaged boards. How will the product take to the new pressure treated pine boards? Do they have to season first? ( Danita Williams, 20/03/2016 )
Let season for a few months so the wood dries out. Prep with pressure washing to remove any mill glaze. Make sure that you use the PermaBond first, before using the Deck Revive.
I noticed that your instructions say to add latex paint . . . is it possible to add stain, rather than paint? Also, in what way will the product affect the paint (or stain)'s coloring (will it dilute the color?, dull it? , etc.) Thank you!
( Amy Ricardo, 14/03/2016 )
Sorry but no you cannot add stain, Must be gloss exterior latex acrylic paint. The color is not diluted when mixed. ( Admin, 16/03/2016 )

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Deck Revive Kit

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