NOTE: You must use PermaBond as a primer coat and is purchased separately. 

Concrete Revive Full Kit Coverage:  Depending on the condition of the surface and the application technique, two coats will cover approximately 200 square feet

Quick to apply and dry, this polymer coating resurfaces and transforms concrete and aging asphalt. Just add one gallon of ANY color gloss exterior latex paint to the kit, mix, and roll on with standard paint roller.

  • fills cracks
  • covers stains
  • creates a slip-resistant surface
  • water based for easy cleanup.

Old concrete, not-so-old concrete, aging asphalt — all can now receive an eco-friendly facelift from Concrete Revive. Fill cracks, cover unsightly stains, restore and revitalize pool decks, patios, porches, walkways, steps, driveways, concrete docks and aging asphalt.

is this good for a 15 yr old concrete walkway that has been patched?
Is Perma Bond required first for proper adhesion?
Is there free shipping to Ma?
( Jim, 15/08/2017 )

All shipping is free.

Yes on the Permabond

It will work with the concrete as long as the concrete has a solid foundation. Not chipping where the patches are, etc.

I'm looking to use it on my driveway but don't know if they will hold up to hot tire traffic or the weight of a vehicle ( Danny , 07/08/2017 )
It is not designed for driveways.
I too am looking to repair and resurface my patio which has a lot of cracks and spalling - you instructed the above folks to use PermaFill for these rougher areas but you product description of PermaFill states it's for wood surfaces - so I'm confused. Do you have a PermaFill product for concrete?
By the way - I used your Deck Revive to resurface my bridge, deck, and 2 mini decks - that was 3 years ago - 100 degree summers and -0 below winters - and they all still look like I just finished them - so beautiful - I am so pleased and amazed with your products and have recommended them to LOTS of folks - and I'm thrilled to see you have Cement Revive as I will expect the same beautiful results.
Thank you!
( Alicia Ronda, 22/05/2017 )
You can use the Permafill for this. In the download area, you will see the Concrete Revive instructions stating this. Glad the Deck Revive has worked for you!
Can you use it on wood? ( Marvin, 21/04/2017 )
Use the Deck Revive for wood. Concrete Revive is not for wood.
Is Concrete Revive appropriate for a concrete pool deck? The pool is a chlorine pool, not salt. ( Christopher Pritz, 08/09/2016 )
Yes it is.
Concrete Revive Kit
1. Is it suitable for a residential vehicular garage with a "float" surface? Must be slip resistant and salt resistant because of dampness/puddles and de-icing salt dripping from vehicles in Illinois winter
2. Is it suitable for a basement floor with an aged very porous, rough-troweled surface? (Plan to install perimeter drainage system to prevent frequent seepage, and rare flooding.
3. Is it suitable for the exterior "textured" surface of a concrete block foundation? (To be white color) (Would HIGH pressure wash to remove residual paint of unknown composition)
Illinois retired homeowner: Home/day phone: 630-852-4828
( David Haugen, 26/08/2016 )
Yes for all surfaces as long as the prep is done correctly.
Want to fix back patio which has cracks and areas where there are some holes and places where cement has crumbled away. I need to know for sure that the Perma Bond that is stated will fill those areas before the Concrete Revive is applied. Also I did not see the size listed ( gallon or other). There is $240 and $83 listed.
( Vickie Glasgow, 19/08/2016 )
PermaBond is not a filler but a primer. To fill you will need the PermaFill. The pricing for the Concrete Revive is for a Full Kit or a 1/4 kit and have different components that are liquid and powder in them that have to be mixed together with a Gloss Acrylic Latex paint that you choose the color for. Coverage is 200 sq. feet for the Full Kit and 50 Sq. feet for the 1/4 kit once all mixed together.
I am building a new house and was wondering if I can use Cement Revive on the cement floor of my 3-season room (Eze-Breeze System). Since the surface is textured, is it easy to clean? I like the fact that it is fire resistant because I will have a gas fireplace and a chef's kitchen in this room. ( Kathy Winter, 17/08/2016 )
You can use this on you cement floor. It cleans easily with soap and water while using a damp mop or scrub brush.

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Concrete Revive Kit

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  • $240.00

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