Don’t Wait Another Minute to Protect Your Valuable Outdoor Structure. Resurface Wood and Concrete for a Fraction of Their Replacement Cost!

UDF-21:   A Coating for Decks, Docks, and Other Wood Structures early evening on resurfaced deck

Are you tired of annual deck maintenance?  Are your deck boards cracked and stained?  Is your deck or dock unsafe to walk on because of splinters?  Well, don’t replace — resurface! UDF-21, our revolutionary new composite coating, can transform wood  — locking down splinters and nails, filling in cracks, covering  stains, and providing a slip-resistant surface.  This super-tough composite coating is easy to apply and is available in any color you choose.   UDF-21 bonds tenaciously to wood, creating a long-term solution to an age old problem.

Visit the UDF-21 area of our site and if your questions aren’t answered, please contact us.

UDF-21 Information

Your color palette is unlimited since you add your color choice of paint to the kit.

Your color palette is unlimited since you add your color choice of paint to the kit.

Protect the Environment from Harmful Chemical Leaching and Extend the Life of Your Dock with 21POLYPLUS.

21POLYPLUS is a composite coating that is designed to protect marine piling and bulkheads from harmful marine borer attack, while also encapsulating CCA, the harmful wood preservative that can leach into sensitive marine21poly-wave-break2 habitats!

21POLYPLUS is  available in any color!  The high-build formulation dries fast.  Tools clean up with water.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about this one-of-a-kind marine coating!

21POLYPLUS Information


Protect pool decks and concrete walkways with UCF-30.

Concrete surfaces can be protected with UCF-30, a unique composite coating that creates a super-strong layer of protection for your concrete surface.  No other coating system compares to UCF-30.  Imagine being able to add 1/2 gallon of acrylic latex paint to UCF-30 to create ANY color you desire.  Decorative concrete projects have limitless possibilities with UCF-30 because it can be done in any color!

UCF-30 Information

Are you about to repaint your home?
Add Perma Paint to your paint and never paint again! pouring_poly
Perma Paint turns ordinary latex (acrylic) paint into an elastomeric coating that can expand and contract with your home’s siding year after year. In fact, homes that were painted three decades ago with this product have not been repainted! Paint maintenance ends with Perma Paint!

Perma Paint Information