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“I’ve been living in my house with stucco board, rough-sawn cedar siding, and wood windows for 30 years.  The exterior takes a pounding from the sun because there are no shade trees around it.  We get temperature extremes from 100+ degree days in the summer to 0 degrees in the winter.  I used to have to reapply exterior stain every 3 years.  I don’t want to install vinyl siding and cheapen the look of my house.  I started using PermaPaint around ten years ago.  I only stain half as often now, and the surface is still in good condition when I do it.  Caulking holds up better, also.  Imagine, no scraping or priming, and only painting half as often!  It seems to make the paint go farther, too.  My wood windows are still good as new.  The seals between the double panes leaked and they fogged up.  I had all the glass replaced last year, but not the frames.  I saved a ton of money on the cost of new windows.  PermaPaint is worth the price.

I recommend it to everyone I know that does exterior painting.”
R. Waxmonsky

“We purchased our Victorian house in 1979 knowing that maintaining this 140 year ” Painted  Lady” would be an ongoing process. In the past 30 years painting her has become a labor of love and I have tried many oil and water based paints.  As the chemistry of latex paint improved over the years I was always on the search for the best, the brightest, and most durable paint.  In 2006 I found PermaPaint and I was absolutely blown away with the results.   I used PermaPaint with a variety of different quality paints and the results were all the same.  Outstanding!   img_0808As a former teacher,  I give PermaPaint an  “A+”.

I used PermaPaint with 7 different colors from 7 different brands of paint.   I painted the aluminum awnings, wooden shutters, siding clapboards, steel cellar door, the gingerbread trim, and even painted my lawn furniture.  The results look the same today as it did the day I painted.  Despite the variety of weather we have in PA,  there is no peeling or cracking, the colors are still bright and fresh looking, and our house glistens.   How durable is PermaPaint?  A week after I painted I realized I forgot to clean my paint mixer that I use with my Dewalt cordless drill.  Getting the paint off my mixer was like pulling the thick white durable coating off outdoor wiring.  My friend and I couldn’t believe it.  We needed a utility knife to remove it and that was a chore.  I think the only time I will need to paint again is if we decide change some colors.”
J. Klinger
Williamstown, PA

“After 15 years of using the product, we are completely satisfied!”
Bone Valley Company

“In the late 70’s we used your product to restore the original color crete  finish on our Phoenix block home.  In April of this year we had the (finish) renewed (with your product) not because of significant deterioration, but because of discoloration caused from the sprinkler system.  Our renewed exterior looks beautiful.  You should come by and see it!”
E. Partridge

“I’ve used this product in extreme situations for over 20 years and it has never let me down.  You’ll never find a system more (versatile).”
M. Lukens

older_man“As maintenance supervisor for (company) I am always looking for products that will do the job.  To sum it up, your product is easy to apply, and does the job.  As head of maintenance, I couldn’t ask for much more.”
F. Young

“I have been in the roofing business for 20 years.  To sum it up, when applied to a properly prepared surface, this special coating will stay in tact for many years to come.”
H. Gullett

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