Lasting Paint Additive



1.  How much PermaPaint should I add to one gallon of paint? Add one quart of PermaPaint to one gallon of  latex paint, mix and apply with brush, roller or sprayer.


2.  Will PermaPaint change the color of my paint? PermaPaint will lighten the color of the paint when mixed, but will dry to the original color.  Best of all, it will make your paint colorfast — no fading!girl-2-painting

3.  Will PermaPaint change the way I paint? No.   Paint modified with PermaPaint can be brushed, rolled or sprayed on with the same equipment you were planning to use.

4.  Is PermaPaint toxic?   What about clean up? PermaPaint is VOC-free, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.    It is water-based.   Follow the same care and handling procedures that you use with paint.   Clean up is a breeze.   Clean tools up with water or water and soap.

5.  Why doesn’t paint last? It may be hard to see, but all surfaces move during changing weather conditions.  The ability of a coating to expand and contract with a surface is it’s lifelong challenge.   When paint is young and fresh, it is fairly elastic and can ‘go along for the ride,’ but as it ages, it gets brittle.   At this point, it can no longer expand and contract so it begins to crack.   Weather and water can now enter and the surface begins to move even more.   This is when paint will fail, chalk, crack, and peel away.

6.  How does PermaPaint improve the performance of paint? PermaPaint significantly improves the adhesion,  elasticity and colorfast properties of  paint.   When you add PermaPaint to your paint,  this new elastomeric coating is able to expand and contract with the surface, extending the service life of your paint job for years.

guy-looking-up-on-ladder7.  How will using PermaPaint affect the warranty on the paint?  When you mix PermaPaint with your interior or exterior latex paint, we will extend the paint manufacturer’s warranty for an additional five years.

8.  How long has PermaPaint been in service? The product was developed over thirty years ago.  PermaPaint has been used extensively in a variety of extreme climates  in North America and in Europe.

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