Perma Bond

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PermaBond was developed for very worn deck, dock and concrete surfaces.  As a bonding agent, PermaBond offers that extra bit of insurance against some of the unknowns that distressed wood or concrete may have been exposed to.  Poorly maintained wood can have a petrified look over time, making it difficult for many products to bond to the wood.

PermaBond is an acrylic based polymer, specially formulated to penetrate and lock into wood fibers and concrete surfaces providing a strong molecular bond for DeckRevive, DockRevive and ConcrteRevive.   We encourage the use of this product if you should have any doubts about the condition of your wood or concrete surface.  Priming with PermaBond will ensure bondability with most subsurface applications.

PermaBond can be tinted the same color as the final Deck, Dock, or Concrete resurfacing product you use from Gulf Synthetics.   This helps achieve color matching between the spaces of the deck boards.  The product can be sprayed, brushed or rolled on and tools clean up easily with water.