Protective Coating for Marine Piles, Wales and Timber

PermaPile represents the pinnacle of waterproof marine coatings for treated lumber.

A modified elastomeric asphalt emulsion, PermaPile is a cold-applied, single component product that yields a membrane with excellent strength, elasticity, and adhesion.   PermaPile is a water-based, environmentally safe alternative to conventional hot-applied, solvent-based and sheet membrane waterproofing systems.

No other product on the market can compare with its  features and benefits.  PermaPile:

  • Is water-based, VOC-free, odorless and non-toxic, making it  friendly to the environment and the  user.
  • Encapsulates the wood preservatives used to treat lumber, keeping these chemicals from leaching into the environment.
  • Prevents marine borer attack.
  • Bonds to, coats, and protects steel hardware on the marine structure.
  • Provides a seamless super-tough coating for years of protection.
  • Can be applied on-site by the contractor, eliminating the chances of damage during transport.
  • Is easy to apply and easy to work with.  Applies with ordinary paint equipment (brush, roller or airless sprayer).
  • Is high-build and quick-setting.  Cures within 24-48 hours.
  • Patches easily when the wood is cut and trimmed.  A major plus since no other competitor on the market offers a reliable patch method for their product.
  • Is fire-resistant, a major plus in marine environments where most fires are fuel fires carried on the water’s surface.

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