General Deck Information

Gulf Synthetics has been in the Deck Coating business for almost 6 years now.  We have seen a lot of decks over the years and thought we would highlight some of “no-no’s” of deck design and installation.  When a deck is designed and installed properly you should expect to enjoy your...

Gulf is Expanding Nationwide

Gulf Synthetics is gaining popularity in the commercial and contractor markets as the box stores continue to push products with very little service life.  The popularity of the Gulf products is recognized as THE leader for Deck, Dock and Concrete resurfacing because of our 5 year history with projects...

DeckRevive to be featured on DIY network

The  I Want That  episode featuring Deck Revive will premiere on: Tuesday, November 19th, 2013 at 10:30PM (EST) on the DIY Network. Check your local listings for the channel number. Scheduling is subject to change without notice. All scheduled re-runs will be listed on this webpage:

Gulf is Expanding Manufacturing and Distribution

Gulf has experienced large growth over the 2012 and 2013 years and has overgrown it’s current facility.  Gulf has recently added separate manufacturing facilities in Georgia and Pennsylvania.  We have just added and additional 10,ooo sq. ft. of additional space for our headquarters and main distribution...

Benefits of using Gulf Synthetic Coatings

Gulf Synthetics is pleased to announce a major breakthrough with test results of our technology. Please see attached PDF for the benefits of using our coating systems over any thing else on the market. Benefits of Gulf Synthetics Technology

Major Home Improvement Network Shoot

Last week, a major home improvement network filmed an upcoming episode for a show featuring the DeckRevive product. Keep checking out our website and we will announce the show and dates of air this upcoming November 2013. Repeat episodes will air throughout the Spring of 2014.

Gulf Synthetics featured in Composites Technology

Gulf Synthetics was recently published as the feature article in “Composites Technlogy”  The article has generated interest from all over the world that we have had to purchase a secondary die and tooling.  Demand for the new technology is creating quite a stir in the seawall industry. ...

Caribbean Hardware Show

Gulf Synthetics made a big splash at the recent Hardware show of the Caribbean.  The show is being held in Puerto Rico this year.  

Major Press Release from Bayer Material Sciences

Bayer Material Sciences releases major Press release about the PURLoc line of composite sheet pile  PURLoc Seawall_FINAL_el

Driveway Project using ConcreteRevive

Prime Restoration from Lawrenceville, GA recently sent us photos of a large driveway project that was completed this fall.  This project illustrates the creative aspects of using a quick dry coating system.  There are endless applications for ConcreteRevive.

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